A short time lapse of my dog.

Her name is Lucky and I love her to pieces. When I got her, her original owners scammed me and sold her to me knowing that she had Parvo. (All of her puppy photos are her recovering from it) Only after having her for 1 day I fell in love with her and spent nearly $500 for her Parvo treatment. After Parvo she dealt with heart worms, tape worms, mange, and ear mites. She was even hit by a car TWICE on separate occasions and survived both without any damage.(she liked to escape from our yard and run off a lot) Altogether I spent nearly 2 grand on her treatments/medication/medical supplies and I don’t regret it. She was originally a gift for my bf but after everything we’ve been through I kept her for myself. I have no idea what breed she is but she’s as cute as a button! Oh and did I mention that I love her to pieces?! lol She’s my dearest companion and I wouldn’t trade her for anything :D

Some of my favorite photos of the Bf and I :)

(I’m Black, he’s Arabic)

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